Our Team

We are a team of dedicated people spread across the globe and working round the clock to bring about rapid progress in the Bangladeshi E-commerce ecosystem.



Honorable and Respected Company Chairman Mr. Advin Barun Banerjee has been in the countries Financial & Development industry for more than 35 Years. He is the Founder of countries finest & renowned Microfinance Institute and Organization for social & rural development, PIDIM Foundation where he is currently managing as Executive Director. He is also an honorable member of Commission of CCDB. During this long decade of service and carrier, Mr. Banerjee has been engaged with valuable and impactful contribution on Financial Industries specially Microfinance, Sustainable Sector based Social Development, Fund Management, Local & International Donor communication, coordination & Management, Resourcing, Value Chain Development and many more. He is well experienced about making policy for countries rural and financial development infrastructure and possible implementations.

He has numerous number of training from Institutes like IBA, Dhaka University, BRAC, Coady International Institute under Saint Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, and National Affiliation for Literacy Advancement, Syracuse, NY, USA etc.

He has travelled to India, Nepal, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Greece, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Netherland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany & Canada for attending various types of short trainings and international conferences.

Mr. Banerjee has worked with local and international organizations like BRAC, CARE, CCDB, IDA, DIA and many more.

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Managing Director

Md. Humayun Kabir (Seliim) is THE MAN behind the scene of Kinmu International Ltd as Managing Director. He is currently engaged with business activities in the area of Consumer Products, Food & Beverage along with Micro Finance Industry. He has vast experience, knowledge, Expertise, advanced, smart and effective decision making and amazing brain storming capacity.

Mr. Kabir also managing PIDIM Foundation as Senior Director (Operation). He has more than 28 years of professional experience as he used to hold top management roles in Micro Finance and Social Development sector in countries renowned & reported Organizations previously.

Mr. Kabir graduated from University of Dhaka on Geography and Environmental Science. He is an honorable alumni of the Dhaka University.

He has been to the places like India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Philippine, Turkey, Australia, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany and many more for attending International Conferences, summit, building up the relationship, collaboration and strong communication by visiting the International Development Organizations and companies for business infrastructure development experience, fund management and Training Purpose.

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Director & Company Secretary

Mohammad Akbar Hossen is the most experienced financial expert person designated as Director & Company Secretary for Kinmu International Limited as he has been into the Finance Industries for more than 25 years. He has wide experience about managing Bank, Financial Institutes, Micro Finance and industrial accounts. He is also currently managing PIDIM Foundation as Head of Finance. Mr. Hossen has made some brilliant financial strategies earlier in his carrier line that count him as the most dependable person regarding creating financial policies and managing finance for industrial business as well as Micro Finance Sector.

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Zubair Ahmed has the most prominent, creative and innovative personalities designated at Director of Kinmu International Limited. Mr. Ahmed is locally and internationally well known as CEO & Founder of HISHAB Ltd. located in Bangladesh & Japan. He has completed his education from Yale University, NY, USA and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. He has been involved with many international Business investments as Investor such as Senic, Stacklead, ExtenXLS, in California, USA and Sribu.com in Indonesia. Mr. Ahmed used to be former advisor in Kabuku Inc. Tokyo, Japan and Former Director at Infoteria.

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Muhammad Solaiman Siddique has most influential & dynamic personality designated as Director at Kinmu International Limited. He is currently managing Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB) as Coordinator. Mr. Siddique is also an honorable treasurer of executive committee of PIDIM Foundation. He has completed his education from University of Dhaka. Mr. Siddique is also an Alumni of Dhaka University. .

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Md. Golam Farook


Mr. Md. Golam Farook is the Honorable member of the Board of the Directors of Kinmu International Limited. Besides he is the Director of PRISM Bangladesh Foundation and Head of the Microfinance program of PRISM. He has been working with PRISM for the last 26 years and has been helping to expand the Microfinance program in different districts in Bangladesh and other social development programs which include health, education, sanitation and more.

Mr. Farook is a M.A. in political science. He has been to places like India, Thailand, Philippine, Myanmar, Kenya, UAE, Singapore for attending international conference, summit and building up the relationship.

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Md. Shofiullah Shovon


Mr. Md. Shofiullah Shovon is the youngest Honorable member of the Board of the Directors of Kinmu International Limited. He does manage as Head of HR, ADMIN & AUDIT Dept. of PIDIM Foundation as Deputy Director. He has completed his education from United Kingdom. Soon as he came back to his homeland after completion of his study and work experience, Mr. Shovon has joined the Microfinance Development Program of PIDIM Foundation, Bangladesh on 2014.

He has vast area of knowledge, experience and capability to work under pressure and challenges that proved him the best fitted man on his role. He has travelled across the globe such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, UK, Sweden, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, France & Germany to join International Conferences, Summits on Microfinance and Development Programs.

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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